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The Full Story


Mangsen Mapping grew out of Resource Management Systems, Inc., a small GIS consulting company based in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Founded by Lester Garvin in 1993, the company was built on Lester’s 60+ years of experience in aerial image interpretation with US Naval Intelligence and several civilian firms.  RMS has provided geospatial research and support for more than 200 projects in legal, archaeological and environmental fields.

Lester’s grandson, Nathan Mangsen, began working with Lester at RMS in 2015. That work coincided with Nathan beginning his Master’s in GIS at Penn State University. With a strong foundation in aerial image interpretation, Nathan’s studies introduced him to more remote sensing techniques and technologies. He began offering photogrammetry and Lidar data processing services in 2018 and took over sole control of RMS operations in 2022. Nathan has processed more than 600 photogrammetry and Lidar projects from both drone and manned aircraft. He has also provided research and documentation for more than 20 legal cases.

The legacy website for Research Management Systems can be viewed here.

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