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Base Price

Basic Deliverables

Additional products

Standard Package

Up to 500 images

Client-supplied ground control included for no cost


$0.20 for each image after 500

any/all of orthophoto, point cloud, digital surface model

any/all of digital elevation models, wire meshes, contours, VARI vegetation indices
($10 each)

Digitized shapefiles
(depends on scale)

Multspectral Package
Up to 1500 images


$.05 for each image after 1500

reflectance maps for each band

composite orthophotos

($5 per band)

3D Model Only

Analysis and Reports


$0.12 for each image after 500


wire mesh

Depends on project

Possibilities include cartography, volumetrics reports, hydrology analysis, drainage maps, viewshed analysis, slope maps, and more

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