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RedEdge Zoomed.jpeg

Water Management

Location: The Netherlands

Industry: Water Management
Sensor: Micasense RedEdge MX

Images: 1915

Pixel size: 2.25 centimeters

Collected by: Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard

Orthophoto set to display the Red Edge-Red-Green color bands rather than the true-color Red-Green-Blue. Healthy vegetation reflects Red Edge light strongly, as seen in the image.

A Dutch regional water board uses drone imagery to locate blue algae blooms in their waterways. They collected imagery with a Micasense RedEdge MX camera. This sensor collects data in five different bands, red, green and blue along with near infrared and red edge. Vegetation reflects the red edge and near infrared wavelengths strongly, which allows data collected in those wavelengths to be used for analyzing vegetation health. The images on this page show a true color orthophoto, a color red edge orthophoto, and a red edge vegetation index created with the equation (red edge-red)/(red edge+red). 

RedEdge Full.jpeg

Red Edge-Red Green Composite Orthophoto

RedEdge Zoomed.jpeg
True Color Full.jpeg

True Color RGB Composite Orthophoto

True Color Zoomed.jpeg
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