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River Project Orthophoto.jpeg

Yuma River

Location: Northern California

Industry: Wildlife Management
Platform: Canon Powershot, plastic weather balloon

Images: 770

Pixel size: .86 inches

Collected by: Dr. Romina Gomez, University of California

This is one of our favorite projects that we have processed. The client set a Canon Powershot to a timer, attached it to a plastic weather balloon, tied it to a string and sent it up. She also measured dozens of ground control points and had RTK data as well. We at Mangsen Mapping enjoyed the challenge of creating an accurate map with imagery that lacked geotags.

The final deliverables were an orthophoto and a digital surface model. The client used them to teach her students how to analyze river levels and monitor fish habitats.

We recommended getting a drone for future work. She said she had one but she doesn't want to deal with the FAA.

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